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The Foundation seeks to select one or more scholarship recipients each year from the class of eligible individuals. Candidates must print, complete, and mail the application form on this website to the address provided on the form.


The class of eligible individuals will be limited to children of:

  • New York City Firefighters
  • Victims of fires in New York City
  • Victims of the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks
  • Victims of other disasters, and others as the Members of the Foundation may, in their discretion, designate for eligibility.

Recipients of scholarships will be selected from “qualified applicants” on an objective and nondiscriminatory basis based upon the standards set forth below, regardless of race, color, age, religion, or sex of the applicant. In any given year, the majority (2/3) of the scholarships will be given to children of NYC firefighters. To be a “qualified applicant” for a scholarship under these procedures, a student must meet the following standards.

Applicant Requirements

The applicant must:

  • Be graduated or about to graduate from high school or equivalent
  • Complete and submit the confidential application form contained on this website
  • Be enrolled, or about to enroll, in an educational institution that normally maintains a regular faculty and curriculum and normally has a regular body of students in attendance at the place where its educational activities are carried on (this includes a college or university)

Selection Criteria

The Foundation will consider the following factors when making grant decisions:

  • the applicant’s financial need
  • the applicant’s prior academic performance
  • the applicant’s performance on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or its equivalent
  • recommendation from any firefighter currently or previously employed by the city of New York
  • Personal recommendations from the applicant’s high school teachers, coaches and others
  • An essay written by the applicant on their motivation for attaining higher education
  • Conclusions drawn from personal interviews, if necessary, as to the applicant’s motivation, character, ability, and potential

In addition, if the applicant has taken time off between graduating from high school and beginning the applicant’s college education, the Foundation may also consider the applicant’s work experience and references from the applicant’s employers.

Questions may be directed via e-mail to MLMF.Scholarships@mlynch.org