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Buffalo, N.Y. U.S.A. - 10/10/2003 08:14AM
To all of Michael's family and friends, My heart aches for all the pain you have been through. All though I did not know Michael, I'm sure he has given all that knew him such joy. I thank him and his fellow firefighters for the bravery they showed that day. I am truly grateful and in his debt for the rest of my life. May God Bless all who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Stephanie, you are in my prayers. Again, Thank YOU!!! Michael, God Bless!!!

Amy Lynch Hester
Kernersville, NC USA - 09/21/2003 03:46PM
What a wonderful thing you all are doing!! I have the utmost and deepest respect for Michael and all the heroes that were out there doing there jobs that day. May God Bless!!!

Mary & FF Billy Knoth E35 and our family
Washingtonville, New York USA - 09/12/2003 05:08PM
Dear Lynch Family, Our prayers and thoughts have always been with all our fallen brothers and families. Thank you for having our son Peter be one of the recipients for the Michael Lynch Memorial Scholarship. Our son and our family are so honored. Peter will be proud to continue his education knowing he has had a helping hand from FF Michael Lynch. It's amazing we did not know Michael personally but we have mention his name regarding the scholarship and everyone knew Michael and your family. There are so many wonderful stories that people have told us. Our son Peter attends Maritime College in the Bronx and even the staff at Maritime knew Michael and are very proud to have a recipient from Maritime College be honored by the Michael Lynch Memorial Scholarship. Thank you so much and our prayers are always with you. We live in Washingtonville, upstate NY. Our town has a memorial park honoring all the 343 Fallen Fire Fighters. We have a walkway of heroes and we have visited the engraved brick with Michael's name and company.Michael is remembered by all. Peace to all of the Lynch family and friends.

chip and herb packer
wayne, pa usa - 09/12/2003 11:18AM
You are in our thoughts and prayers. God bless Michael! Ryan and Caroline, we saw you on TV. You did a courageously wonderful job reading those names. You made your Uncle Michael proud, we are sure!

kate donlevie
ocean city , nj usa - 09/12/2003 08:05AM
To the whole Lynch clan, I watched the beautiful moments of silence on TV yesterday but couldn't bring myself to watch all the programs, it was just too sad. My girlfriends & I, instead, went to the beach & just enjoyed God's awesome beauty as it was as near perfect a day as Sept.11 two years ago. With the ocean raging from one of the hurricanes passing at sea, a plane flew by with a huge American flag in tow with the simple message "We Remember". That simple message says it all & brought us all to tears again. God bless all of you & all the victims' families of that painful day! Love to all, Kate, Mike, Brigid, Tori, Shannon, & Tess Donlevie

Richard Stuckey
Columbia, S.C USA - 09/12/2003 07:35AM
Just a note from a friend of Fred and Ruth Lynch. Although I did not know Michael, I have met several of the Lynch brothers and I have to believe he was as Remarkable and Fun as they are. My prayers and thoughts are with your family during this time when the memories of that day of loss are refreshed. Just know that Michael and the others did their jobs with bravery and caring that day. We all will keep their example in our hearts. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Lynch for the wonderful family you have given the world!

The Lunnie and Jones Family
Throggs Neck, NY USA - 09/11/2003 09:56PM
On this very sad day I would like to share a memory. Four Septembers ago I was braving the morning commute downtown with my dad, Eileen and Michael. Eileen was handing a mug of steaming coffee to my dad when it slipped and spilled all over his lap and seat. The usually mellow Gary Lunnie shrieked, and nearly drove us into the Bruckner Expressway divider, then screamed at Eileen for burning him. Eileen got upset, and an uncomfortable silence filled the car, until Michael said casually-but with perfect timing-, "Well Gary, at least now you can say you have a hot a**." And that was Michael-funny as could be, but at the same time, he made things better. On this most sorrow-filled day of the year, it amazes me that to remember Michael IS to smile, to laugh, to instantly see him doing some crazy dance, even if you're looking through tears. He's still got that incredible power, to make us laugh, to make things better. We will miss you for the rest of our lives, Michael, but you are never forgotten in our home. The story of your bravery stays with us, as do all of the memories of the Bronx Shore, fishing trips, and crazy nights at your house being babysat by Kevin or Patrick. We are so sad today, but we gladly live with the pain of missing you. It is a small price to pay for the privilege of knowing you. God Bless all of The Lynch family, their grace is an example for us all. And we will always love you, Michael!

Julie Goslee
Mason, Ohio U.S.A. - 09/11/2003 08:59PM
Just want you to know we are thinking of you today and praying for you and Michael. It looks like Michael's legacy will live on through the scholarships. Your faith and perseverance speak volumes. God bless you. Julie, Goose, Kelsey, Elizabeth, Megan, Joe and Tom Goslee

Pat and Dan O'Hagan
New York, New york USA - 09/11/2003 01:50PM
Dear Lynch Family. Our Love and Prayers go out to you today. Your Michael will always be in out hearts and prayers. We miss him, God Bless all of you.

Laura Grodoski
Chicago, IL USA - 09/11/2003 01:41PM
Your website is very inspirational, informative, and admirable. The love your family possesses is a gift. I'm sorry for your loss and glad to know that such brave people exist and have existed in this world. Kind Regards, Laura

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