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Susan Bernhardt
Zimmerman, MN USA! - 01/01/2004 09:36AM
Dear Lynch Family, Happy New Year 2004! Another year begins without your son/brother on earth but I am sure he is smiling down at you. I can never forget the sacrifce of the rescue workers on 9/11. It will stay with me forever and I will revisit it with my children so they are never forgotten. Take care and God Bless! Susan Bernhardt

Kevin Lynch
Huntington, New Yoirk USA - 12/25/2003 07:31PM
Dearest Michael, Missing you always! Especially at Christmas! Know that your laughter is missed, your smile no less faint, your company is awaited at every event, the door is always open to our hearts, come fill them this Christmas with your love, your compassion, your humor, your sense of life but most of all with your presence. Until we meet amidst the angels who protect you... Kevin

Maureen Baker
Westfield, NJ USA - 12/24/2003 10:06PM
Michael, It is your third Christmas in Heaven. We miss you so much, but you let your presence be known tonight. May God keep you and hold you until we meet again. I love you littl brother. Love, Maureen, Tom, Ryan, Mariah, and Andrew

Colleen Parigen
Fairfield, OH USA - 12/24/2003 06:36AM
Michael, it is Christmas Eve again, the third one that you will spend in heaven and the third one that we spend missing you. Somehow each year seems to get harder. My heart just isn't into it yet I know it should be because Christmas is about the Lords birth. But it is also about family and memories and every memory of Christmas involves you. From our trips to Macy's on 34th street to see Santa Clause, to watching each Christmas special on TV. It was so hard last night to watch A Year Withoug A Santa Clause because you and I loved that one so much, especially the Heat and Snow Miser part. As my children watched and laughed my heart grew heavy because I wanted to be like them again, having you sitting right there watching the show. Luckily my dear husband Jason reminded me that those memories are now being created by our children and Aidan is having his first Christmas and that I must try to make it happy, and we will. That baby has brought so much joy to us. He is very much like you, quiet and very happy, and boy can he laugh!!!! Well I must go now, continue to watch over us and help us find the joy of the season as our hearts ache for you. All my love, your sister, Colleen

Millburn, NJ - 12/17/2003 08:52PM
Michael, Happy (Very belated) Birthday! I was thinking about you today and realized how difficult it must have been for your friends and family to be without you on this special day. You have touched so many lives and you should know we never forget what happened and the great sacrifice you made, trying to save others. Life can be very difficult and full of challenges, but you have given so many people strength. Your spirit is amazing and you are thought of by people who barely knew you and those who knew you well. All my love and best wishes, thoughts, and prayers to you and your family and friends.

Dorothy Bennett
Manalapan, NJ USA - 12/17/2003 11:20AM
Although I now live in New Jersey, I grew up in Country Club and Throggs Neck. My first house was on Meagher Ave outside Silver Beach. Just wanted to let you know that my thoughts and prayers are with you this Holiday Season. The supreme sacrifice Firefighter Lynch and all his brothers made on September 11, 2001 will never, ever be forgotten.

Bernie McKay
Morris Plains, NJ US - 12/16/2003 09:27AM
Michael; Happy Birthday (belated)- Please watch over my new nephew, born last night, 12-15-2003. My mom prays for you often up at the church we all attended. Your father would like to see me there too. I was recently let go by Lucent Tech. after 100,000 + people and at least 8 rounds of layoffs. I'm trying to decide what I want to do when I grow up --- I need your help in trying to figure which path(s) to travel. Please send a sign or let me know where to place my energies. I wish our troops in Iraq and all around the world and their familes a safe and happy holidays. Bernie Babes

Jack and Kathleen Lynch
New York, NY USA - 12/13/2003 03:28PM
Hi Michael, We believe that you are eternally happy and that is our solace. But how terribly we miss you and yesterday and today are especially tough. Now that you have a ringside seat with our Saviour ask Him to give us, your brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, extended family and friends the grace we need to carry on until we see you again. Your brothers and sisters Our love is everlasting. Mom and Dad

Bronx, NY USA - 12/13/2003 05:08AM
Dear Michael, Just wanted to say Happy Birthday in heaven. Until we meet again my friend. You are always in our hearts. Please watch over us and guide us everyday. We look forward to the day we meet again. Love, Deirdre & Brian

Kevin Lynch
Huntington, NY USA - 12/12/2003 10:37PM
The day has ended yet your smile remains bright Our minds are filled with you in delight Your passing has caused us all great pain But the memories of your laughter still remain I look at your face as you entered the place That amidst fear and terror your sense of courage you would face. With knowledge that your mission would be one of no return The passion to save others would continously burn. Your loss is a burden we must all carry And the fact we would not see the day you would marry. The pain is something I carry with me daily Yet, your courage is an example to me and the many. This I say to the men and women who fight, Your mission is clear and your conviction is right. The first soldiers in this war were firemen and cops, Now we have turned to the soldiers of special ops. Let us never forget the day my brother gave all, To defend freedom and Americans all.

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